How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

When you finish writing an epic, in-depth blog post and finally hit the publish button, you feel a sense of accomplishment; you feel like your content marketing work is done. But that’s not the case. Your work is only halfway over. Now, it’s time to work on blog promotion

You can’t just create valuable, high-quality content for your blog and assume readers will find their way to your site to consume it. You must use blog promotion to promote your content so you can:

  • Drive traffic from new audiences
  • Bring back existing audiences
  • Attract backlinks to your site
  • Trigger social shares
  • Lead to opt-ins and newsletter sign-ups

Blog promotion must be a part of your content strategy if you want your work to be seen, shared, and widely consumed.

A strong blog promotion strategy should include multiple tactics from this list.

How to Promote Blog in 2021

  • Target Popular Search Terms and Phrases
  • Use On-Page SEO Best Practices
  • Leverage Search Engine Marketing
  • Implement a Strong Social Media Promotion Plan
  • Promote Content Through Paid Social Media Ads
  • Tap Into the Power of Online Influencers
  • Actively Guest Post
  • How To Promote Your Blog With Email Makerting
  • How To Use Community To Promote Your Blog
  • How To Promote Your Blog With Social Media
  • How To Promote Your Blog With Automated Content Pushes
  • How To Use Outreach And Partnerships To Promote Your Blog
  • How To Promote Your Blog With Paid Promotion
  • How To Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To Promote Your Blog
  • How To Promote Your Blog To Get Social Shares, Search Results, And Traffic

Target Popular Search Terms and Phrases

One of the most common ways for readers to find content is through search. They look for a topic or type a question into a search form and find relevant content. To draw readers to your content, optimize it for attracting these audiences. Do keyword research to see what top keywords people are searching for and create content to target those keywords.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Use On-Page SEO Best Practices

Another way to ensure readers find your best content via search is by optimizing your website, so your pages are more likely to rank. Each page on your website should target one primary keyword and use on-page SEO best practices to optimize the page for that designated search term.

PRO TIP: To confirm your webpages are properly optimized, use Alexa’s On-Page SEO Checker. Enter the URL of the page you want to check along with the page’s target keyword. The tool will check on-page SEO and produce a report with action items you can implement to improve the page’s SEO and increase its chances of ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Leverage Search Engine Marketing

Focusing on improving organic SEO will help your blog promotion and eventually lead more readers to your website. But when you just start SEO, it may take time to improve your rankings on SERPs organically. In the meantime, you can pay to place your content at the top of search pages. Using search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click marketing (PPC) campaigns, you can pay to appear in front of audiences and draw readers back to your blog

Implement a Strong Social Media Promotion Plan

Next to search, social media is another primary way for audiences to find content online. Social media users browse their newsfeeds and use hashtags to discover blog posts that interest them.

  • For each blog post, create multiple social media posts across a variety of platforms (focus on the platforms your ideal audience uses most).
  • Create custom social media graphics for each post that match the image specifications of each social site.
  • Aggressively promote your newest content.
  • Then continue to promote high performing content even when it’s old (to get the most use out of your content).
  • Tag any brand or person mentioned in your content (to let them know they were featured and to encourage them to share the post).
  • Encourage social shares of your posts by prominently displaying share buttons, click-to tweet buttons, and call-to-actions to share on your pages

Promote Content Through Paid Social Media Ads

Earlier in this post, we looked at how using both organic and paid promotions can get more visibility for your content through search. The same goes for social media. You can use both organic and paid social media promotions to attract the most attention to your blog content. Through these types of blog promotion, you can use detailed hyper-targeting filters to present ads for your content to a particular target audience.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Tap Into the Power of Online Influencers

Another way to drastically increase your content’s visibility is by having a powerful influencer promote it. Influencers are writers, social media personalities, and blogs that already have loyal followers. These outlets have readers who are actively engaged in the content they share.

To get your content extra exposure, develop an influencer marketing strategy. You can perform this blog promotional tactic in a few ways.

  • Invite influencers to post on your blog. When influencers write a post and then share it with their audience, it will drive their audience to your site and introduce them to your brand and other content.
  • Ask social media influencers to share your content through their social networks. If a social media profile has a strong following, getting them to share your content could drive a substantial amount of traffic to your site.
  • Make digital PR outreach a part of your marketing strategies. Publish extremely high-quality, unique content (such as proprietary data or in-depth resources), and reach out to authoritative websites to see if they are interested in covering your content. If your content is valuable enough, other sites will write about it, link back to it, and drive traffic to it.
  • Be authentic and return the favor. When reaching out to influencers to get help with sharing your content, remember that it isn’t all about you. The relationships must be mutually beneficial. Offer to write for their blog, promote their work, and ask them to return the favor. Form authentic relationships with influencers. Don’t just try and use them for their followers.

Actively Guest Post

There’s another way to use influencers for blog promotion. This tactic involves guest posting on other blogs. While it may seem counterintuitive, you can promote your blog by publishing posts on other sites. When you publish content on other similar websites, you tap into their existing audience. This allows you to build relationships with new readers and drive traffic back to your site. When guest posting, always try to include a link back to your site in your author bio or article content.

How To Promote Your Blog With Email Makerting

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Typically the blog promotion process looks something like this: blogger writes and publishes a blog on the company website, posts are shared in social channels, and if there is space, certain posts are featured in newsletters. Blogger waits for Google to index blog, and hopes for a favorable position on the search results page. Fin.

And you can often squeak by with this strategy. But taking a proactive and more strategic approach by marketing your blog with email marketing—or a blog digest—can help increase your pageviews, improve your organic search results, and enhance reader engagement.

The following post covers the steps required for creating and sending out a blog digest (based on my personal experience!) so that you can promote your blog and build a blog digest into your content marketing and email program.

Step 1: Choose a tool

You will first need to decide what tool you will use to send your blog digest. We use SendGrid’s Marketing Campaigns so that we can custom build a weekly email that provides a more visually appealing email that reinforces our brand.

If you’re looking for help with design and templates, check out SendGrid’s free email marketing templates so you can jump in right away and start building your campaigns.

Step 2: Decide on a sending cadence (and test it)

After you’ve decided how you will send your blog emails, determine how often you will send the digest emails. Some options include:

  • After each new blog is published – not recommended if you post more than a couple times a week, in order to avoid email overload.
  • Weekly – for example, every Wednesday at 10 am EST. This option is great if you publish more than once a week.
  • Monthly/bi-monthly – this would be a good option for content programs that publish one or fewer blogs each week.

Step 3: Create curated content experiences for your blog audience

Now it’s time to craft your content! This will include a personalized subject line, preheader text, headline, body copy, and CTA copy.

Keep in mind that depending on your marketing program, your email marketing list and blog subscriber list may consist of different audiences. Generally, if somebody signs up for your blog digest, they are more interested in educational content over promotions and emails that include coupons, upsells, and generally more salesly content.

Blog subscribers are certainly a lead, but they may be a lot further off from converting than somebody who has requested to talk to your sales team. So your content should reflect that distinction. Some tips to keep in mind while writing your email copy for your blog digest:

  • Be conversational – the blog subscriber list is your community and those who value your content, so keep it conversational to keep them engaged.
  • Shorter is usually better – quality always wins out over lots of copy. You don’t need to present every last detail in your emails. Save some content for your landing page (or wherever your CTA is directing them to).
  • Make sure you have a solid editing and pre-send process in place!

Step 4: Measure engagement

Once you’ve started sending blog digest emails, you can start to tally your engagement metrics such as opens and clicks and make appropriate changes based on how your recipients respond to your content.

And once you get comfortable with tracking baseline metrics, you can start to look at additional metrics such as your click to open rate (also known as your relevancy metric). These engagement metrics allow for an additional validation of our content and whether it’s valuable and resonating.

How To Use Community To Promote Your Blog

Participate in aggregate sites and up-vote communities.

If you've never heard of aggregate sites before, think of them as a place to go for information from many different sources related to a specific topic. These sites are where you can share your own content and other people's awesome stuff in your niche to help your community with similar interests.

The up-vote aspect of these communities takes on a social role, giving the site's users the chance to say it's good or bad. It's an awesome way to keep the community strong (and keep the junk content out).

Here are a few sites you could look into to promote your blog:

  • reddit: The legendary front page of the Internet has pages for nearly any topic, and your niche is sure to be present.
  • BizSugar: Small business marketing, finance, management, technology, and startups.
  • Product Hunt: New product content.
  • Hacker News: Startup and computer science.
  • DataTau: Data science stuff.
  • Lobsters: Technology content.
  • Triberr: Blogging.
  • Inbound and content marketing.
  • Growth Hackers: Startup stuff and disruptive marketing.

Answer questions with your blog posts in forums.

Marketers talk about solving people's problems all the time. There are forums out there dedicated purely to helping people ask questions where they can get expert advice as answers. What an awesome way to connect directly with your audience, provide a bit of your expertise, and link back to your blog for further, in-depth answers!

A common forum marketers love is Quora, but there are bound to be some even more specific to your industry. For example, I used to work in wholesale electrical distribution, and one of our audiences was electrical contractors—your electrician. There's a forum for that. Really. And it's super electric-nerdy—which makes it a perfect place for wholesalers to reach out with product advice for their super niche target audience.

You can do it, too, with a little research and your good ol' buddy, Google. Simply search for the forums in your niche with this algorithm:

“intitle:forum” + [your niche keyword]

Here's what it looks like when I try to find forums for bloggers:

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Get your blog on social bookmarking sites.

Some folks prefer to find content through popular social bookmarking sites. You can apply to have your blog content present on these sites to help people who are interested in a certain topic discover your posts:

  • AllTop: There are tons of categories with one bound to fit your niche. Simply submit your blog to get your content out there for a new audience to check out.
  • StumbleUpon: Add your blog to the right category to help people discover your content. Like AllTop, once you're signed up, you can submit a blog for StumbleUpon to look in to.
  • Digg: It's all about the most talked about information on the Internet. Submit your blog.

Build your inner circle.

I'm in a couple different Slack groups that serve different purposes. But one of them, started by Mention, is meant for blog editors, content marketers, and entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas, and review work.

It's a terrific way for us to publish blog posts and share them with an inside network of people we appreciate and trust. It's an awesome way to build connections with a you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours culture. It's a smart idea, and one you can use in your industry for a lot more than just promoting your blog posts.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Like Mention, you could rock a long-term group using a tool like Slack, or even smaller, one-at-a-time, face-to-face meetings with a tool like Google Hangouts.

How To Promote Your Blog With Social Media

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Share your content in many places

When you apply that thought to social media, the opportunities are nearly endless, but there are definitely the big ones you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

Sharing your content on the networks you know your audience uses is smart. I like James’ approach because everyone is different, and while a majority of your audience may use a certain social network, sharing messages on all of these is really easy and has potential to draw additional interest to your blog.

Share It on Facebook

Facebook lets you promote your blog post on your profile and pages, and in groups.

Facebook posts can contain up to 10,000 characters, but only the first 480 characters are visible in the timeline; the rest are hidden behind the See More link. So put the essence of your message into the first 480 characters. Keep in mind, too, that Facebook posts with fewer than 50 characters have shown to be more engaging than longer posts.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Posts with images work best on Facebook. When you share your blog post, consider uploading an image and putting your link in the text field instead of using the automatic link preview post. This trick can help increase the reach of your Facebook post.

Plus, Facebook will upload those images automatically to your Facebook album so all of your blog images with links will be available in one place for your community to access.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Be sure to add a personal and engaging comment and invite readers to share their opinion. And although hashtags can turn posts into searchable content, they don’t work well for engagement on Facebook.

The best times to post on Facebook are from 1 to 4 PM, 6 to 10 PM, and on weekends.

The best frequency for posting on Facebook is once a day. Share your blog post once for initial promotion. Share it on your profile, your page, and in groups, but at different times and with different text. Reshare your evergreen blog posts every 2 to 3 months on your profile and mix them with other valuable content.

Tweet It on Twitter

Twitter was the first social network to introduce hashtags and @ handles for better search and networking options. The platform recently made changes to the 140-character limit to give posts a little more space. Although Twitter is stretching its 140-character limit, it remains at its core a short message service.

Tweets with fewer than 140 characters work best. To get more retweets, be sure to include images and links.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

If you add up to four hashtags, it will make your tweets more searchable for trending keywords and will generate more reactions. Include @ handles if you want to give credit to or message specific Twitter accounts.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Adding a call to action can improve your results. For example, ask for retweets, help, or for users to follow you.

The best times to post on Twitter are 8 to 10 AM, 11 AM to 1 PM, and after work from 4 to 7 PM.

Post It on LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you post on your profile, on company and showcase pages, and in groups. You can also republish your blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse or SlideShare.

On your company page, your update can contain around 600 characters. Any text beyond the first 150 or so characters will be truncated and readers will need to click See More to view the complete post.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Sharing your blog post with an image and link works best on LinkedIn. Make your text personal and engagingAsk questions or encourage readers to interact with your post.

How-to and list posts tend to generate the most post views, likes, comments, and shares on LinkedIn.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Show It on Instagram

Instagram presents images in a single stream. The lifetime of an image post on Instagram is much shorter than on Pinterest. Most interaction takes place within the first few hours of posting.

Instagram provides a unique square size for images, which is 1080 x 1080 pixels. Captions can be up to 2,200 characters, of which only the first three lines are displayed in the news feed. (If the first paragraph is less than three lines, Instagram will cut off at the end of that paragraph.) To expand a truncated post, users have to click the More link.

Try to communicate the essence of your Instagram post in the first 155 characters.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Hashtags are important on Instagram, and many captions consist of hashtags only. Use the keywords of your blog post as hashtags so that as many Instagram users as possible can find your post. You can add up to 30 hashtags.

Instagram doesn’t display clickable links, but you can add a URL in your caption or point users to the URL in your profile to drive followers to your blog.

The best times to post on Instagram are midday and in the evening after work.

To promote your blog post on Instagram, start by sharing your featured image or video. Then over the following days and weeks, share other images from your blog post gallery to use different visuals to promote it.

Pin It on Pinterest

On Pinterest, the image is the most important part of your pin. Use the description to convey what the pin is about. Pinterest gives you 500 characters to describe and comment on your images. You can collect your images in albums to sort them by topic or brand, and post images of any size.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

To help convince users to click, keep your descriptions between 150 and 300 charactersInclude searchable keywords as hashtags in the description for your image.

To promote your blog posts, always add a link to your pin descriptions to increase clicks to your site, because users can click on the pin to actually travel to your site.

Add calls to action (e.g., Repin, Read More, Learn More, or even Buy Now) in your description to encourage followers to engage.

The best times to post on Pinterest are from 12 to 2 PM and 7 to 10 PM. Also post on weekends.

Share the featured image of your blog post on Pinterest for your initial promotion. Then post all shareable images from your post gallery successively over the following days and weeks. This tactic allows you to reshare your blog post with different visual elements.

How To Promote Your Blog With Automated Content Pushes

Set up your RSS feed and tell your audience about it.

Your social audience probably follows lots of different folks with their social networks, but some of your more organized audience members may prefer using RSS readers and categorizing the content that they read from their favorite publications.

The good news is that if you're using WordPress, you already have an RSS feed for your blog posts. Hurray for something easy! All you need to do is add /feed to the end of your root domain for your WordPress blog, and you'll have your RSS feed.

Example RSS:

RSS readers like Feedly are fantastic ways for you to discover content, organize it in ways that makes sense to you, and generally, never miss a new post from any of the blogs you follow while also not having to visit every site just to catch the newest headlines.

Pro Tip: Share your RSS feed via normal social shares and in your emails to help your audience subscribe to your content in ways that will reach them the best.

Reach your email haters with Web push.

Even though your goal is to build your email list, there are still some of your audience members who just won’t subscribe. To get your content in front of them, they may prefer a less intrusive route, and that route is Web push.

Web push sends a notification through your audience’s Internet browser when you publish new content. A lot of times, it looks just like a system notification.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

CNN uses Web push to share their content.

At, we use OneSignal Push as a WordPress plugin to help us reach our email haters.

Use push notifications to reach your mobile audience.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Have you looked at your analytics to find a large majority of your blog post traffic comes from mobile devices? While sending responsive emails is a great way to reach your audience on the go, you can also send mobile push notifications that show up on smartphones just like you’d see a new social message or event.

How To Use Outreach And Partnerships To Promote Your Blog

Share your blog posts with peeps who’ve shared similar content.

Well, there are a couple ways to find the right people who may enjoy your content

Hashtags: If you’re thinking of connecting with folks via social media, you could take a look at the main keywords you used throughout your post as hashtags on the major social networks. You could find the people who shared content with those hashtags before, and reach out to them with your related content.

Moz Open Site Explorer: Enter your competitor's URL to see the content that is linking to their website. Check out the authors who wrote that content and establish relationships with them. Those folks are influencers who are sharing related content in your niche, so it's a great place to make connections.

Share with those who've written similar content.

If people wrote about something similar to your new blog post, chances are, they'd be interested in reading some more content on that topic. It's especially interesting if there is some contradiction in facts or opinions—controversy gets traffic.

Blog post comments: Google the keyword you're using in your blog post, and look at the top results. Read the related posts and write a comment about what you liked, possibly disagreed with, etc., then give more information with a link back to your content. You're not a spammer if you're seriously trying to provide value.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Ahrefs Content Explorer: Check out what content is popular in your niche to get in touch with those authors. From there, you'll have the chance to learn from the pros and possibly even share your own content with those peeps.

Get on round-up emails to expand your reach.

Some folks curate awesome content to send to their audiences in roundup emails and e-newsletters, too. Rock the same process you just learned for finding roundup posts to find these peeps:

“intitle:roundup email” + your industry/keyword

And see if there are a couple emails that work well for your industry. You can also change out “roundup” for “newsletter” or another synonym that may apply even better to your industry to find new people to build relationships with.

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

Ask partners and affiliates to share your content.

You work with partners and affiliates because they have the resources and audience to help you grow. So make it part of your relationship to get their advice on content and to help you promote your blog posts. It's an easy ask to see if they'll include a link to your content in their future posts, or possibly even share your blog posts in an upcoming newsletter.

Something interesting for SaaS companies may include activating your brand advocates with personalized referral links to give them something sweet in return for them sharing your content.

How To Promote Your Blog With Paid Promotion

Use remarketing to re-engage 84% of your visitors.

Essentially, remarketing or retargeting (whatever you wanna call it) is showing ads to the people who've already visited your site.

Remarketing can help you reach 84% of the people who've already visited your site across 5–10 different sites within 10–18 days. That's especially useful to keep visitors coming back to your blog to build the trust that will encourage them to go deeper into your marketing funnel.

A couple remarketing tools that will get you started and might be worth your while include Adroll and marketing360. I'm sure there are more, so let me know what you're using and how you like 'em in the comments.

Rock some search engine marketing with Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Sure, there are probably a few other search engines you could use to target your audience (which may be worth your while in specific niches), but Google takes the cake for the amount of users.

Pro tips: Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches in 2021 Earning $2000/Month

Look into discovery site advertising.

Discovery sites like reddit, the self-proclaimed home page of the Internet, get up to 1 million votes cast every single day. There is some opportunity there to reach that audience with advertising.

How To Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To Promote Your Blog

Target one keyword per blog post to increase your #1–3 SERP rankings by 248%.

The way I see it, choosing keywords to target in your blog posts is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog posts. And once you do it right, much of the traffic will take care of itself (at least initially).

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

By concentrating on choosing the right keywords—and focusing on a difficulty score we could successfully compete with—we were able to increase our #1–3 SERP rankings by 248%. More than half of our overall traffic comes from search engines because of this method.

The takeaways are:

  • Strategically choose a keyword that has lots of monthly searches but is easy enough for you to rank for. Use a tool like Google's keyword planner to brainstorm your ideas (it suggests lots of great related words), then use Moz's keyword difficulty tool to run test how difficult it will really be for you to rank for the terms. Choose a keyword with less than 50% difficulty to get started, then iterate from there.
  • Publish a long-form, compelling blog post that uses the keyword and variations of it throughout the content. Define rules for your own content based on your performance as to what you feel is compelling—just know that data suggests interactive, actionable content that focuses on education does well, coupled with a length of at least 2,000 words. The post you're reading right now is more than 14,000 words long—think about it.

Pro Tips:

Focus on link building to build trust with search engines.

Moz has a great metaphor for links: They’re like votes from other websites that tell search engines they favor your content. Another way to think about it is that links are the streets search engines travel from blog to blog, so the more streets to your content, the better.

Link building works when you publish really great content that people want to reference as a valid source of information. So when you publish your super awesome blog post, you can promote it to help people find it, and ask for their help through backlinks to give your content the attention it deserves.

So Moz lays out four strategies for link building for beginners:

  1. Ask your customers to link to your blog. You could extend this to ask your partners, investors, and co-marketing friends to link to your content, too.
  2. Publish valuable, informative, entertaining content. This advice complements the psychology behind why people share.
  3. Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking. When you publish great content for your niche, some links will come naturally as people find and share your content. You could also complement this strategy with marketing outreach by asking others in your niche to share your content to extend your reach.
  4. Be newsworthy. If you publish a new study, data, research, or anything newsworthy, get in touch with your industry news sources. The coverage and links back to your original source can help you boost your trust with the bots.

How To Promote Your Blog To Get Social Shares, Search Results, And Traffic

Publish quality content regularly to grow your traffic.

While it helps to first focus on creating super awesome content that will help you stand out, it's a fact that publishing more consistent content will help you grow your traffic.

Consistently publishing awesome content builds trust with your audience that they'll continue to get all of your awesome advice if they just continue coming to your blog. Consistency also helps you publish more content to target more keywords your audience is searching for, which will help you grow your traffic from search engines over time.

Google's Matt Cutts reiterates these points, suggesting that quality content is what matters most, and sharing that content frequently will help you build a loyal audience.

Update your old blog posts.

Do you have an old blog post that used to do well … but seems to have fallen off the face of the (Google) planet?

Refresh it!

Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  • Add different types of media to your post. If your post doesn't have a video, infographic, or image gallery, consider adding one.
  • Include new information. Is your post out-of-date? Do some research to see if anything has changed about your topic. Link to more up-to-date sources, add more sections with new information, and make your post as accurate as possible.
  • Double-check your keyword targeting. Is there a better term you could be targeting? Are there LSI terms you could include?
  • Use the Skyscraper Technique.


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How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

How to Promote Blog in 2021: Content Promotion Tactics

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