How to Get Your Music on Pandora? 2021

Have you heard about Pandora? No, not the box. I know a lot of us are familiar with the infamous box. But there’s a new sheriff in town. And it just happens that they share the name with the box.

Pandora is a platform that offers streaming services for all music lovers. Just like Pandora’s Box, once the streaming service is accessed, the songs available for streaming will be endless. This should be sweet news to all audiophiles out there.

Pandora is currently available only for the USA. Developers are working round the clock to bring the service closer to all music lovers in the world. Here is a guide to help you navigate Pandora’s world.

Why is it Important to Get Your Music on Pandora?

Pandora is the way to go for artists looking for fresh markets. With an active user statistic of 66 million people, Pandora provides a perfect hunting ground for people to listen to your music. So if you are the new artist on the block itching for glory or an established one looking to scale up, Pandora is the place for you.

Getting your music on has the potential of earning you money. All you need to do is produce a quality song that resonates with the audience. Once the song is on the platform, be prepared to earn some royalties from it.

Pandora makes its money from advertisements and subscription fees. Some of the revenue is shared out among content owners as royalty. Your royalty will depend on how many times your content is streamed. So for all the effort that you put in marketing your music, Pandora compensates you accordingly.

How to Get Your Music on Pandora? 2021

Why Do You Need a Distributor to Get Your Music to Pandora?

The role of the distributors in the music industry is to act like a link. Most music streaming platforms do not deal with artists directly. The streaming platforms prefer to engage distributors as their middlemen with these artists. An artist cannot, therefore, upload music to these platforms on their own.

Pandora is slightly different. Pandora offers streaming services in three main categories. Understanding these categories is crucial in understanding the role of a distributor. An overview is given below.

  • Pandora radio: This is a non-interactive radio streaming experience that doesn’t allow the user to pick what to listen to. The listening experience can, however, be tweaked based on genre or similar artists.
  • Pandora Premium: This is a subscription-based category. It allows for on-demand interactive streaming.
  • Pandora plus: This is the enhanced Pandora radio version. It is modified to allow on-demand streaming.

After understanding the categories, how to get your music on Pandora follows. Pandora radio allows artists to directly submit their music to the platform. No need for distributors. A deviation for traditional music industry practices.

Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus adhere to traditional practices. You will need a licensed distributor to get your music to these categories. Luckily, so many licensed distributors are available nowadays. Even for unsigned artists.

The Best Music Distribution Services 2021

There are a variety of distributors out there. Here are a few examples:

  • SMM: Buy Spotify Plays to directly increase the popularity of your music and give your listeners the impression that your music is worthy enough to check out.
  • Octiive: Octiive prides itself as the distributor with the most online stores. In addition to getting your music to Pandora, they promise access to more than 600 other streaming services.
  • TuneCore: TuneCore promises to make it easier for artists to submit their music to Pandora. Besides, they promise every penny made from the music will be enjoyed by the artist.
  • CD Baby: CD Baby automatically delivers your music to Pandora. So long as you set your Digital Distribution Level is at “Downloads and Streaming”
  • Ditto: Ditto offers access to the biggest stores, 100% royalties for the artist and no hidden costs in their agreements.

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Music on Pandora?

Pandora works slightly differently from other streaming services like Spotify. Unlike most streaming platforms, they allow artists to submit their work directly to them. The services of distributors can be utilized in cases where the artist wants to be on the Pandora premium and Pandora Plus catalogs.

After making submissions to Pandora by any suitable means, the music is normally added to a music genome project. It is only when the submission is added to the genome project that an artist can open a new station.

Pandora does not offer expected timelines for processing submissions. Analyzing tracks so that they are added to the genome project takes time. For your music to appear on Pandora, it can take days, weeks or even months. Pandora shall notify you when this occurs.

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All you have to do is be patient.

How to Get Your Music on Pandora? 2021

How Much Does Pandora Pay?

Now you know how to get your music on Pandora. Don’t you want to know how much you will be paid? I bet you do.

Pandora pays only for streaming services. They do not offer download services. Pandora pays about $0.00134 per-play for every song. So for a 100% royalty distribution to the artist, this is what you will get every time someone streams your music on Pandora.

The amount could be lower for artists who have to share their royalties with distributors. The sharing criteria will be dependent on the contractual agreement between the artist and the distributor.

When and How Do You Get Paid By Pandora?

Pandora pays royalties in two categories. Royalties for digital performance and publishing royalties. For independent artists, they need to set up an account with SoundExchange first. Pandora will deposit the artist’s share of the royalties through SoundExchange. The artist can then collect the revenue for their account with SoundExchange.

SoundExchange only collects the artist’s direct portion of the royalty. For publishing royalties, distributors will be needed. Pandora remits royalties from publishing through distributors. If you happen to be a publisher and an artist concurrently, this is the best option for you.

For artists who already have accounts with their distributors, there is no need to set up an account with SoundExchange. Both digital performance royalties and publishing royalties will be sent through the distributor. The artist can collect the revenue from the distributor based on their agreement.


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How to Get Your Music on Pandora? 2021

How to Get Your Music on Pandora? 2021

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