How Much is Google Play Music? (Plans, Price and Best Deals) 2021

If you are familiar with music video streaming services, you probably have used or heard of Google play music. This service provides you with extensive access to endless songs and free access to YouTube.

It allows you to import your music collection from various devices allowing you to enjoy your playlist wherever you are. With all this, you must be wondering how much is Google play music? The amount you spend on this service depends on what option you choose.

There are three packages available which are, a free account, pay for a subscription, or you could decide to go for the family package. Each choice has its advantages, with a clear understanding of every package you will find it easy to select what will work best for you.

How Much is Google Play Music? (Plans, Price and Best Deals) 2021

Free Account

Google play music allows you to have a 30-day free trial, which is available once for every account. Once you use your free trial, you won’t be able to click on the free trial option. You can cancel your trial anytime you feel the need to end your subscription. It is, however, not advisable to cancel a trial, especially if it’s free. However, at the end of the trial, the subscription will be automatically billed to your account.

With the free trial option, you will be able to stream songs and albums of your choice and also customize your playlist to suit your preference. During this period you can access free radio stations and podcasts. However, they might contain adverts which you can skip up to six songs every hour. The terms and conditions or this account can be different depending on your geographical region.

If you are in the USA, Canada, or India, you may be able to buy and transfer videos and music using the service. You are also allowed to import into your music library for up to 50,000 different trucks.

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Paid Subscription

If you decide to go for the paid subscription, you can enjoy listening to more than 40 million songs from Google play music library. The service will provide you with multiple albums and a variety of playlist which are available for download and streaming.

With no limitations, you can listen to your download even when you offline. This package also comes with a free YouTube subscription. You can also discover various podcasts and subscribe to them, depending on what interests you the most and also get notification from your subscribed podcast. If all this is available on one package, how much is Google play music?

For only 9.99 dollars a month, you can enjoy this ad-free package once you pay the subscription using a valid credit card or a direct billing carrier. If you have any Google play balance, you could consider using it to top up your account.

With your account details, you will easily access Google play music store for any purchase and with rates going as low as 1.29 dollars for a single song you can always add tunes to your playlist. The price of albums may vary depending on the number of tracks featured.

How will you keep the songs after canceling the subscription?

If you are still interested in keeping the songs and albums, you have paid for on the Google play store, you can access them anytime. However, the downloaded tracks on your Google play music won’t be accessible after cancellation. You can recover your downloads only by subscribing again using the same Google account.

Family Plan Option

What is the difference between the family plan and the standard subscription? How much is Google play music if you sign up for the family plan package? The family plan package is 4.99 dollars higher than the regular subscription; this means for only 14.99 dollars a month, you can share the subscription with your family.

There is a limit of up to six family members for every subscriber of which all can log in with various devices at the same time. Your family can also share playlists, books, and games on the family library. You also can suggest to them apps that you have purchased.

Every family member must have a Google account for you to share with them the subscription. They also have to be living in the same country as you the subscriber. If a family member is yet to celebrate their 13th birthday, you will have to create their own Google account.

How Much is Google Play Music? (Plans, Price and Best Deals) 2021

Is Google play music worth the price?

Google play music has excellent deals for all music lovers across the world with a wide variety of all music genres. With the paid subscription, you can customize your playlist with up to 1000 tracks each and also share them with friends and family. Google play music makes it easy to discover the latest music with accurate suggestions which are based on what you often listen to.

After paying for your subscription, you can download the playlist to your mobile device and listen without accessing the internet. You will, however, need Google to play music application for you to access the downloaded tunes; this application is available on the Google App Store.

Google play music offers a wide range of albums and music that you can buy without necessarily having a paid subscription to purchase them. After you have successfully obtained an album or song, you can listen to it for an indefinite period.

One of Google play music convenient features is that you can upload your collection to Google servers. You can upload up to 50,000 personal choices, which you can listen to at any time. Songs on Google play music do not count as part of your upload limit, but you still can access them.

Google play music also has a tailored recommendation, which is determined by what you search for most of the time. The service follows what genre you listen to and rate different tracks making it more accurate at giving you future suggestions.

Music Available on Google music play

With over 40 million songs available on Google play music for streaming and download, it is only fair to mention it as the best platforms to get your music. It has a massive range of different music genres, from international hits to personal uploads. The service has the advantage of having signed a licensing agreement with world best labels ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.

Which device is Compatible with Google Play music?

You can access Google play music using different devices ranging from phones, tablets, and computers. For every device, there are specific specs required for you to get the service.For the iPhone or iPad, Google play music app needs an IOS 8.2 or an advanced version. On Android phones and tablets, the application will require an android 4.1 or a later version. You may also download your music on external memory like an SD card; however, you won’t be able to move them from the card to another device.

To use Google play music web player on your PC, you must have the latest Adobe Flash Player and a well-suited web browser. For chrome addition, you need an updated version of google chrome. When using the music manager app, you will need Windows XP. You can also use Mac OS X 10.5; what this means is that Google play music is compatible with almost every standard device.

Does Google play music use data?

Yes, Google play music uses your cellular data or WI-FI to connect to the internet. You can reduce the cost of mobile data by switching to offline mode during which you can listen to previous downloads.

Are there any restrictions on multiple devices?

Yes, indeed, there are set guidelines to limit the number of devices. The service does not allow you to register more than ten devices to one account. It also limits the number of smartphones to only five out of the ten permitted devices. If you concurrently listen to music on several devices, the music won’t play. You can remove a maximum of four devices in a year to create space.

In comparison with most music service providers, Google play music stands out among the best. It boasts of having numerous song libraries from which you can get your favourite tunes, and it is also user-friendly. The subscription cost is affordable, offering various advantages for subscribers and with the free trial available, it is worth giving it a trial. It makes it easy to integrate the music that you have bought elsewhere. You also get the advantage of free access to all YouTube content, including videos.

Looking at all the pros of using Google play music, it’s the best out there. There also numerous updates and upgrades that are done every day to ensure all glitches are sorted. You have every reason to subscribe to Google music play. At least if you won’t get it for yourself, you have no right to deny your family the chance to enjoy their favourite tunes. There is no better way to bring the family together than a well-organized family library. This is all available in the family package.

After all, how much is Google play music? It’s less than 10 dollars for all 30 days, right? You should also be on the lookout for any discounts offered by the service provider to subscribers.


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How Much is Google Play Music? (Plans, Price and Best Deals) 2021

How Much is Google Play Music? (Plans, Price and Best Deals) 2021

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