How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

Until 2018 only big celebrities and Brands were lucky enough to get the blue tick right next to their name.

Recently in 2018, Instagram has rolled out its feature (option)  that is allowing Instagram users to apply for a verification badge. At first, this option was only available for IOS users but later this option was also made available for Android Users.

About Instagram Verified Badge

According to Instagram itself, accounts displaying the verified badge “means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

In other words, when you see the blue check, you know you’re following the Instagram verified account as opposed to a fan account or anything else not officially recognized as legitimate via verification.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

Of course, this can be frustrating when you’re first starting out on the platform, because while you may truly be the official account, others may be skeptical to follow until they know for sure.

If you feel confident in your ability to be verified, you can cut right to the chase and actually request a verified badge for your Instagram profile.

Why the Blue Tick on Instagram is Important

With Verification Badge comes to a lot of supremacy and advantage over a few Instagram features.

  1. You Can Directly link your website or target link in your story ( Swipe-up Feature ) even without crossing 10k followers.
  2. You can use this story link feature and direct your followers to your direct link and increase your marketing.
  3. The Blue Tick will give assurity to the people who are looking for you and the blue tick will make them believe that it is you.
  4. It gives a unique identity to your account.
  5. You get several benefits on Instagram account.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

How to Request Verification on Instagram

1. Go to Your Profile

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

2. Press the Three-layer icon which appears on the top right corner of your profile.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

3. Go to Setting.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

4. Go to the account option

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

5. Click on the option of ‘Request Verification’.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

6. Submitting Request for a blue tick on Instagram.

  • Username – enter the username of your Instagram account.
  • Full name – Write your full name the same as displayed in your government id card.
  • Known as – if you have a brand name or another known name than the original document, do mention it here. Otherwise, fill your fu
    ll name.
  • Category– tap on the downward arrow and choose your category.
  • Attaching a photo of your id – upload original documents such as driver’s license or passport. Submit tax filling, recent utility bill or article of incorporation if you are a brand or business.

As Instagram states, just because your account may be eligible for verification doesn’t necessarily mean it will designated as such. There is no guaranteed timeline for when you’ll be notified, but if denied, you’ll have to wait 30 days before attempting to request verification again

What Happens when you Submit Request For Blue Tick?

  • Instagram will review your profile.
  • They will notify you of their response.
  • If your request is denied you can resend your request after 30 days.

Instagram Criteria For Verification Badge

But before applying for the blue tick, you must first be aware of the Instagram criteria and proceed further if you feel you fulfill their criteria. Let us see what is the criterion to obtain a blue tick and get verified on Instagram.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge


  • Being Authentic – the account requesting for verification must be real and represent the right brand or profile.
  • Being Unique – your account must be unique and represent the real you. Instagram doesn’t provide verification badge to multiple accounts of the same user unless there is a difference in the content language.
  • Fully complete profile – you must have a public account along with a proper and neat bio that describes you with your personal profile picture and at least one post.
  • Notable – you must be someone who is highly noticeable and highly searched as a brand, person or entity. Instagram Reviews and Accept Accounts that are featured or attributed in News Source genuinely.

-> Not everyone can get this badge unless and until they carry a unique and Notable personality.

-> It is not necessary to have a big follower list as there are also many accounts verified even with fewer followers.

-> Accounts such as Memes and Writing etc. will not get verified even if the account has a large number of followers

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We submit verification requests through Instagram Media Partner Support, and we will also work on your PR before submitting the request. This will give you a bigger chance than requesting the badge yourself via the Instagram app, as we are able to supply Instagram with more background information and a case study. When requesting verification via the app, Instagram will do their own research, often resulting in being denied for verification.

How to Buy Instagram Verified Badge

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge


Instagram Verified Account

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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge



How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge
Frequently Asked Questions Instagram Verified Badge

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How do you get an Instagram Verified Badge?

We work with multiple media and talent agencies that are Facebook/Instagram media partners. We will connect you to the agency and submit the verification request on your behalf. This has a very high success rate.

How Fast Will I Receive The Instagram Verified Badge?

We'll get back to you with our case study within 3 business days, from that point it'll take another 2-5 business days for Instagram to get back to us.


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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Verified Badge

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