Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

In a world full of Google-first mindsets, it’s wise to take a step back and reconsider our choices. Is Google the only medium worth investing into? We gathered facts that prove that Bing might just be that missing piece in your overall online marketing strategy. Be ready to be amazed by statistics, testimonials, and webmaster-backed tips about Bing.

In many ways, Bing is similar to Google. It provides a variety of search services, including web, video, image, and map search. As you’ve probably already seen in the table of contents, many optimization steps meant for Google also fit into the Bing world. And yet, we’re here to talk about what’s Bing offering to businesses and marketers that Google is not.

First things first, you should know why the Bing name. One idea struck me the other day and made me wonder whether the Microsoft team watched and worshiped the renowned sitcom tv-show “Friends” like everybody else on this Planet (well, almost everybody!). It would’ve been funny though if they got inspired by Chandler Bing’s name, especially when everybody in the show made fun of it.

However, let’s get back to our sheep and let you know that the Bing name was brainstormed and picked through focus groups. The proposed name pleased Microsoft for a number of reasons: it was easy to remember and spell, short, and friendly. It also reminded people the sound made when discovering something or deciding upon an idea. Qi Lu, president of Microsoft Online Services also said that Bing meant “very certain to respond/answer” in Chinese. Hey, I’m already sold!

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Should you be craving for some more proof regarding Bing’s performance and charm besides our 31-fact list, you should also check what people say about it and why they prefer Bing to Google.

Bing Traffic Might Have a Lower Bounce Rate

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Bing traffic is very interesting. Although many say Bing doesn’t bring too many leads, experienced something else: this search engine provides lower bounce rate, more page visits, visitors spend more time on site, and there are more subscribers in general.

Strong user engagement is very important for Bing and usually penalizes anything that’s not aligned with this requirement. There’s something similar to bounce rate but with an uglier truth – pogo-sticking. While bounce rates don’t always mean something bad, pogo-sticking always does. It occurs when somebody, after having shortly landed on your site, quickly hits the “back” button, returns to search results, and clicks on another website.

Another guess for the small bounce rate would be that, given the very precise search results aligned with Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines, people do get what they want most times they enter a query and spend enough time on site to satisfy their needs.

Yahoo and Bing Own a Third of the U.S. Search Market

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Over 30 percent of desktop searches in the US are driven by Microsoft. In many big markets, such as Canada, UK, Germany, France, the second-most-popular search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. For this reason, we can miss out on quite a lot of traffic if we don’t optimize for this search engine.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

According to Statista, the total number of explicit core search queries powered by Bing and Yahoo! in the US is over ⅓ of the entire search market. Moreover, Bing and Yahoo! see about 8 percent of all global desktop searches.

In the context of these stats, comScore, Statista, and Bing itself – all talk about the Bing Network. But what does it mean? The Bing Network is the group of search engines and search services powered by Bing that includes Microsoft sites, Yahoo!, and AOL Inc. In other words, these are all the searches that are based on Bing search. For this reason, they are presented within a single data set in the stats.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Bing’s main market is the US, plus it is quite popular in other English-speaking countries. However, it is hardly used in Eastern Europe or Asia, for example.

But… who in the world uses it then?

Bing services 60 million searchers who are not reached by Google. The amount of people in the US reached by the Bing Network alone varies by industry: from 51 million people searching for retail services to 11 million people “binging” the telecom industry.

Typical Bing users from the US are educated people (equally likely to be male or female) between 35-54 years old, with a household income of over $75.000.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Bing’s traffic is believed to be more valuable than Google’s since people coming from Bing show a lower bounce rate, visit more pages, spend more time on a site, and click more affiliate links. And even if you are not going to optimize particularly for Bing, checking rankings in it will help you keep an eye on additional traffic sources.

On top of that, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa, all use Bing for voice searchTo get ahead in the voice search game, you have to take Bing seriously.

Summing up, Bing is surprisingly popular, especially in the US. SEO for Bing includes most of the same things that are important for Google, so its audience can also be reached with just a bit of effort.

What’s special about Bing’s search engine

Despite being considered an off-brand version of Google, Bing does several things better.

Video Search 

Bing Video is a full-fledged video service that aggregates videos from different hostings, making its search more comprehensive than that of YouTube or Vimeo.

While Google search makes everyone’s eyes bleed, Bing’s video search looks great. Here we have icons with smart previews instead of those tiny Google thumbnails. Videos are tagged as trailers, music, etc.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

vikings season 6

Like this one: vikings season 6 movie

Not only does Bing make video search suggestions, it also keeps track of all your search preferences.

Besides, if you are in the mood to just watch random videos, you can find what’s trending at the moment, and even add your favorite videos to your collection.

Image Search 

Image search is also a big deal in Bing and includes two separate kinds of search: query-to-image and visual search.

In the first case, it’s the classic image search by queries — you type a keyword and get images. However, in Bing, there are some extra features. For example, when sorting images by similarities, not only does Bing find similar pictures, but it also provides a list of pages that contain the given image.

Also, the possibility to filter images by style and content — something most of us know from Google — actually first appeared in Bing. On a more general note, Bing’s image search has long been considered to be the most comprehensive one.

like this one: vikings season 6 episode

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

As for visual search, Bing even gives its users the opportunity to crop images and separately look at them in detail. For example, suppose you’re looking for design ideas for your dining room, and you found a lamp or a table that you really like in one of the images.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

What does all this mean for SEO? Bing appreciates well-optimized media content on websites.

Optimization of image titles, alt texts, and texts surrounding images can bring your website to the top of Bing’s video and image search.

Bing’s intelligent search (SERP features) 

Just like Google, Bing adds some special elements to the usual list of search results. Let’s take a look at some of the ones we don’t get from Google.


You can’t surprise anyone with instant answers in the SERPs anymore, but what about several answers from different sources? As a matter of fact, Bing can do this for you. If you ask Alexa something, Bing will read the answer from the following box:

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Bing solved the problem of one-sided answers to voice queries by giving more websites a chance to appear in the instant results block.


A feature that’s somewhat similar to the aforementioned one is multi-perspective answers. When we’re looking for a “good or bad” answer (are video games good for my kids?) we get an instant answer with opposing points of view:

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020


In some of the instant answers, Bing highlights complicated technical terms. And when hovering over a word, we can see its brief definition, usually taken from Wikipedia.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020


In Bing’s SERP, we can see snippets that correspond with the structure of the page it’s describing. By clicking on the sections, we can get necessary information without leaving the results’ page.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

In addition, Bing shows rather impressive intelligent search results. It aggregates and sorts information from multiple sources, structuring it in a comprehensible way within a single rich snippet.

Your website can also appear as one of the sources for Bing’s answers. How?

Marked-up content helps Bing choose the most proper answer for its intelligent search features. You can try to get into featured blocks using markup (more about this in the following paragraphs). But first, you need to structure the content itself.

  • Structure your page content and create short h-tags to outline its sections. Headlines should unfold the idea of the text step-by-step. For example, recipes can be divided into the following sections:

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

  • Keep your content optimized for instant answers. Make the definitions on the page concise, simple, and use questions in h-tags.
  • Make straightforward statements, like “Coffee is bad for sleeping”, or “Dogs are good for your mental health” and support them with a short one-paragraph explanation. Provide a detailed argumentation in the following paragraphs. This will give you a chance to appear in Multi-Perspective Answers.

Remember that content quality is Bing’s paramount value. That is why it’s important not to over-optimize it and make sure the information you provide is reliable.

SEO optimization for Bing

The first thing to know about SEO for Bing is that, unlike Google, Microsoft’s engine is open about its algorithms and requirements. Here you’ll find guidelines from Bing on what’s important.

To break it down, we’ll outline the main aspects of optimizing for Bing: working with Bing Webmaster Tools, on-page SEO details, Bing’s link requirements, local and mobile optimization, and the value of social signals.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

The Bing Webmaster Tools is superb!

If you haven’t got your site setup there yet, do it now.

It provides an awesome suite of tools including a backlink explorer!

You can also see exactly…

  • Which keywords you rank for
  • How your site indexes
  • Diagnose problems and much more

As of right now you will also get $100 of free advertising credit to play with – sweet!

Also read:

Bing SEO Analyzer

The Bing Website Analyzer is also a great tool to discover…

…especially if your pages are following Bing SEO best practices.

Just enter your URL and it will return a list of suggestions to improve your rankings.

Microsoft SEO Tool Kit

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

More of an unknown tool the free Microsoft SEO Tool Kit or Screaming Frog SEO Spider V12.2

This is a desktop application that spiders your website to find SEO problems.

It is very easy to use and well – it is 100% free so what is not to like!

Bing Webmaster Blog

Just like Google there is also a Bing Webmasters Blog

You should have a read through & subscribe.

Some of the posts are actually quite entertaining and often have some golden nuggets!

Bing Search Quality Blog

Imagine if Matt Cutts and the Google search quality/anti-spam team published a blog

Imagine if on that blog they shared what they’ve been trying & testing.

Their Search Quality Blog offers best practices and some amazing insights into the world of search.

Contacting The Bing Webmaster Team

Last but not least.

Perhaps one of the best tools…

Is the ability to contact the Bing webmaster team.

So if your site does have problems or gets hit for any reason.

You can easily get in touch with the team directly to work things out.

Bing Ranking Factors

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

User Engagement

One of the strongest signals in Bing is user engagement.

They measure this through a term known as ‘pogo sticking’ which is when someone performs a search, clicks on a result and then clicks back to return to the search results

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

So if lots of people visit your site from the search results and click the ‘back’ button –

This is a clear indication of a poor user experience to Bing.

However if lots of people visit your site from the search results and do not go back to them to continue searching – This is a very very strong signal.

Click Through Rates

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Bing also measures click-through rates from its search result pages.

They use that data combined with the user engagement data above to improve its results.

For example: (all things being equal)

If the #1 position gets a 20% click-through rate.


The #2 position gets 40% –

 This is a clear indication that the #2 result is more relevant.

This means you have to write your titles and descriptions with humans in mind.

But you also need to be specific with your keyword. Think keyword based click bait.

Social Signals

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

There is a lot of debate on whether social media signals impact Google’s search rankings.

I can categorically tell you with 100% certainty – that they do.

I’ve been using them to rank consistently for the past 2 years.

I revealed exactly how at a recent conference.

Don’t get caught up in the change debate just make sure social signals are part of your social media SEO strategy now. They affect your rankings in both Bing AND Google.

But Bing has a much stronger reliance on social signals than Google.

You should use the power of social media to your advantage and you will see benefits in both search engines.

Bing Authorship

Google famously introduced (and then killed) Authorship allowing people to claim content they have written.

This meant Google could determine who are the true experts in any given industry. Granted they have killed Authorship for now (but are still tracking who is who via entities & schema data).


Links aren’t held in such high regard as they are by Google.

But, they’re still playing a role in Bing SEO.

To quote a recent article from Search Engine Land:

“A Microsoft spokesperson from Bing told us, “There are a variety of factors that come into play with ranking signals, links being one of them.” They also explained that links are still a very important ranking signal, and they don’t see that changing any time soon.”

I’d recommend that you continue to build links to your site.

It will help you on the majority of search engines.

But pay close attention to Bing’s movements over the next few years.

Inbound Anchor Text

Bing puts more emphasis on the anchor text usage than Google does.

If you want to rank for ‘Blue Widgets’ you need links that use ‘Blue Widgets’ as the anchor.

Bing isn’t as good as Google at keyword matching. While Google does well with recognizing synonyms and context around a keyword, Bing needs spoon feeding.

The risk here is that over optimising your anchor text will trip the Google Penguin filter.

So the trick here is…

Make sure that the links coming from high authority sites focus on exact anchors!

While the others use a mix of anchor terms.

That will allow you rank in Bing while dodging Google Penguin.

Keyword Domains Matter

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Having your keyword in your domain name will help you to rank easier.

It isn’t critical but it does help.

owever Google does have a filter for exact match domain names.

So it is best to use a domain that includes your keyword but isn’t an exact match.

The only problem with that is…

Page Authority

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

The other thing that you will notice when comparing Google and Bing results – Bing doesn’t place as much weight on backlinks!

BUT: It does place weight on site authority.

It is much harder to rank a new domain in Bing than it is in Google.

Having an aged domain will give you an extra leg up across Bing’s results.

 So if you have an older domain that includes your keyword – you are golden!

If you just have an older domain your still in a strong position.

Where you don’t want to be is with a brand new domain.


PageRank is a measurement of authority created in the early days of Google. It is not as relevant as it once was and hasn’t been updated for a long time now.

However it is important to note:

Google PageRank does not seem to have any correlation with Bing SEO rankings.

Content & Keyword Density

Bing prefers sites that have lots of unique quality content. They place much higher value on longer more engaging content than shorter content.

You need to feed Bing the specific keyword you want your page to rank for.

It is much better to focus on 1 page per keyword with Bing.

But again be careful you don’t trip Google Panda by offering duplicate content.

Bing also tries to eliminate duplicate content at the point of indexing. Redundant content is recognized and eliminated from search market result pages.

But may still be available in the index.

Site Structure & Code

Bing offer a few interesting pieces of advice around your site structure and coding.

First of all they advise that quality content should be organized close to the surface. In other words no content should be more than 3 clicks away from the homepage.

You should also use a broad to specific structure flow. So you might go with:

SEO > Link Building > Strategies or Garden > Furniture > Chairs

This will keep Bing happy when it comes to the site structure ranking factor.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization is similar for Bing SEO as it is to Google.

You want to make sure you use:

  • Meta title
  • Description tags
  • Exact match keyword.

Bing places a lot of emphasis on title tags but keeps the user engagement signals in mind. You should only have one H1 tag per page to establish the main topic.

Then use the H2 and H3 tags to talk about subtopics.

It is also worth noting that sometimes Bing will swap out your meta description with your H1 tag in the search results so be creative with your headings.

Don’t just rely on exact headings.

HTTPS Is Not A Bing Ranking Factor

Google recently announced that HTTPS is now used as a ranking signal.

Although a very minor one.

Bing Lead Program Manager Vincent Wehren said that HTTPs is not a ranking factor. They don’t want to mess around with rankings based on a factor that has no real relevance.

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How To Get Indexed In Bing

Recently Bing announced that instead of sitting and waiting for your page to get crawled…

You can actually submit your URL’s to its search engine for crawling and then indexing.

In the announcement they stated:

We believe that enabling this change will trigger a fundamental shift in the way that search engines, such as Bing, retrieve and are notified of new and updated content across the web. Bing

So instead of 10 URL’s a day which was the previous allowance…

You can now submit up to 10000!

Let’s take a quick look at how you submit your URL’s.

This is a very easy process – You need to use the ‘Submit URL’s’ feature that can be found within ‘Configure My Site’ section in the Webmaster Tools.

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Or alternatively, you can use the ‘Submit URL API’ method.

Either way, using the new Bing submission tools means getting your sites indexed FAST.

Bing Penalties

We don’t know a whole lot about Bing’s penalties.

What we do know for sure is they are a much friendlier beast than Google.

There are certainly no crazy black and white animal updates to deal with here!

The Bing SEO Spam Filter

The Bing Index Quality team have published a few articles that are worth reading-

They show you actual case study examples with a lot of details about each update.

It is very important that you stay on top of your outbound link profile. Make sure that you are only linking to clean and related sites as Bing will punish you for this seriously.

Reciprocal linking will also get you in trouble.

If you have experience with ranking sites in Google you will know to avoid that practice.

Bing SEO spam detection methods are much further behind the times than Google’s.

How To Check If You Have A Bing Penalty

Bing makes it easy to see if your site has a penalty. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Click on the ‘Summary Tool’ then look at the ‘Site Status’ section – if it shows Blocked:

Yes – your site has been penalised.

If this is the case then take a look at this post to get out of the penalty box.


Bing is surprisingly popular and has an exclusive audience that doesn’t use Google, especially in the retail, finance, and technology industries.

For Bing, the most important part of optimization is on-page SEO. Keywords in titles, descriptions, and h-tags are a definite must. Regarding links, it’s always best to focus on quality — spamming or bulking techniques are very much frowned upon. Besides, Bing loves media content and appreciates when it’s well-optimized with proper titles, alt texts, and markup specifications. Also, it pays a lot of attention to social signals, so all the public popularity expressed in likes, shares, and comments will be taken into account.

A big helper in SEO for Bing is its webmaster panel that allows you to perform various SEO tasks: diagnose your website, analyze its search performance and generate reports.

As a rule of thumb, you should track your rankings in Bing, even if you’re not optimizing a website particularly for it. Keep in mind that it can be a significant source of traffic and should be kept under control.

Common Bing SEO Tips in 2020

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are some of the most common questions about Bing SEO:

How do I increase my Bing ranking?

If you want to increase your Bing ranking then you need to review the Bing ranking factors and ensure your website is optimized to those factors. Bing SEO Analyzer is a great tool which gives you a list of suggestions to improve

How is Bing different from Google?

Bing and Google are different because they have similar ranking factors but they place a stronger reliance on different ones. Bing focus on user engagement and social signals whereas Google put a strong focus on backlinks. Optimizing for these factors will give you a boost in both search engines.

How do I get Bing to index my website?

To get your website indexed in Bing you can go to the Webmaster Tools, and within the ‘Configure My SIte’ section you can use the ‘Submit URLs’ feature. Add each URL and click ‘SUBMIT’. You can add up to 10,000 a day!

How do I improve my SEO on Bing?

Like any SEO you need to understand what makes Bing tick. Find out what Bing looks for when ranking your website and then check your site against those guidelines and optimize accordingly.



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Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

Bing SEO Tips to Grow Your Traffic in 2020

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